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Ep. 08 | Restoring Some Hope

And just like that, it’s the Suspect season finale. Time flies when you’re talking about
murder and justice! This episode’s a shorty, focusing on the things that give Allie and Cat hope in this wild, murderous world. Plus, the first woman in the FBI’s famous Behavioral Science Unit, Jana Monroe, talks about being the real life muse for Jodie Foster’s character ‘Clarice Starling’ in Silence of the Lambs. She has incredible firsthand experience INTERVIEWING REAL SERIAL KILLERS and so much more. There’s something for everyone! Mostly. Thank you for joining this season of Suspect, kids. This isn’t the last you’ll hear from AllieCat.

Ep. 07 | The Future of Crime!

Co-host Alert! This is not a drill! While the Cat’s away…Allie will still put out an episode.
This week, friend of the pod, Harper Vince, joins Suspect to talk about the future of
crime. And the future tactics of law enforcement. There’s a lot to break down, like how
prevalent CCTV is, to cyberwarfare, to the Dark Web. Just to name a few. The Suspect
hosts also dive into some cases that are indicative of the future of crime. Plus, former
Assistant Special Agent in Charge of first Cyber and Computer Forensics for FBI Los
Angeles and all around badass, Gina Osborn, shares her thoughts on all things
cybercrime. There’s something for everyone! Especially social engineering students! Join
our Suspect family and listen to new episodes every Wednesday.